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Typing Quirks are awezome!!!

What are typing quirkz?

Typing quirkz are a way of typing, there are many different typing quirkz. Mozt juzt zubztiute letterz, numberz, and zymbolz with otherz!

They are often uzed by homeztuck fanz and neurodivergentz. (I am the latter!!) People who are neither can ztill uze them though! No problem with that.


Lizting zome I've zeen and found them cool

There are a lot more, but thoze are the onez I think are really cool.

That one I made when I waz younger

When I waz younger I made up a typing quirk, at the time I didnt even know they were a thing, but what it waz replacing all vowelz with the letter o.
Zo it would be like, "tho qoock brown fox jompod ovor tho lozy dog"


A carrd about Typing Quirkz