About Me!

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I’m Roly, the kite who runz thiz webzite. I uzually like to code, paint, and zometimez make muzic or animationz!

 Thiz webzite waz originally made in all pure html and css, but I have made it uze Jekyll, which haz made a lot of the copy and pazting code zomething that I dont have to do anymore!

Zoftware I uze

Art: Krita
Animation: I zwitch between zoftware a lot, but right now I uze Krita.
Muzic: FL Ztudio
Text Editor: Neovim

Things I like

Music: The Go! Team, Crumb, Ginger Root, Venetian Znarez
Games: Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling, Minesweeper!
Shows: HfjONE, Inanimate Insanity

cringe.png jumpingoutofswings.png ptr 02.png silly.png spinning.gif